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Trail Conditions:  All trails are open.  Some minor repairs are being done by staff and volunteers.

Address:  7222 Luskey Road | San Antonio, TX | 78256
Open:  7:30 am to Sunset every day (except Christmas & New Year’s Day)
Trail Length:  2 miles of trails.
Recommended Hike:  Red Oak Trail and Beargrass Falls:  approx. 2 miles
Trail Map:  Topo

Crown Ridge Canyon Natural Area

This beautiful wildflower display was once a field full of dumped roofing and trash piles.

Crown Ridge Canyon Natural Area is the first Natural Area developed as part of the Edwards Aquifer Protection initiative. The 200 acre preserve features level 1 ADA trails and level 4 hiking trails through a variety of habitats. Features include a canopy level bridge overlook, beautiful forested canyon bottoms, hillside vistas, and restored grasslands. An excellent opportunity to view the endangered Golden Cheeked Warbler in spring and summer nesting seasons.

In the trail head pavilion, there are several interpretive panels describing the natural history of the area. They address the flora and fauna of the park, geology and aquifer recharge cycle, as well as the historical human inhabitants and their impact on the ecosystem.

These are artistically represented on the wall and floor of the pavilion in a tile mural. The interpretive signage and mural are tied in with a rainwater harvest system that uses the shed-style roof of the pavilion for catchment and channels it into a storage tank. This water slowly trickles into a small pool and is enjoyed by many species of animal and insect.

Red Oak is the lower trail loop leading to the bridge crossing Red Oak Canyon. It has a 1.3 mile stabilized base surface meeting Level 1 ADA accessibility requirements. Bear Grass Trail is a natural surfaced, .6 mile loop in the upper part of the park. This trail is Level 4 and offers medium difficulty with few steep slopes and rocky ledges.

The landscape features plants native to the northern Bexar county area. Many of these plants are labeled with a numbered post. You can use the  Natural Areas Plant Marker Guide to identify these as you hike.

Trail Map:

Friedrich Wilderness Park | 21395 Milsa | San Antonio TX 78209 | 210 207-5320

Visit the Friends of Friedrich Park website for information on how to support Friedrich Park and other San Antonio Natural Areas.