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Address: 15890 Hwy. 16 South, San Antonio TX, 78264
Website: Medina River Natural Area
Open: Sunrise to Sunset every day (except Christmas & New Year’s Day)
Trail Length: 10 miles of trails of hike and bike trails.
(more than one trail head but this is the main one)

Recommended Hike: Rio Medina Trail along the river and through the riparian forest, Chaparral Trail through the upland and along the river for 6 miles, tracing part of the historic El Camino Real. How about a virtual bike ride? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiK-ldG32Cs . The Chaparral Trail IS NOT A LOOP, so be prepared to hike your way back to where you parked!

MEDINA RIVER NATURAL AREA is a 511 acre nature preserve with recreation, education, & volunteer opportunities for visitors. 10 miles of hike & bike trails wind through a variety of landscapes, from riverside trails with towering pecan & bald cypress trees, to upland trails lined with cactus and honey mesquite. The hike & bike trails have varying levels of accessibility, ranging from concrete to natural surfaces. Dogs are welcome on the trails, but leashes are required. Drinking fountains are located at the Medina River Natural Area trail head and at the Applewhite Trailhead, but no other drinking water is available along this section.


Lots more information on HikeSa’s Medina River Natural Area webpage!