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Address: 15890 Hwy. 16 South, San Antonio TX, 78264
Website: Medina River Natural Area
Open: Sunrise to Sunset every day (except Christmas & New Year’s Day)
Trail Length: 10 miles of trails of hike and bike trails.
(more than one trail head but this is the main one)

Recommended Hike: Rio Medina Trail along the river and through the riparian forest, Chaparral Trail through the upland and along the river for 6 miles, tracing part of the historic El Camino Real. How about a virtual bike ride? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiK-ldG32Cs . The Chaparral Trail IS NOT A LOOP, so be prepared to hike your way back to where you parked!

Find lots more information on HikeSa’s Medina River Natural Area webpage!