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Medina River Natural Area’s


Campground Pavilion
Scouts Camping in June
Campground in February Mists.

Path to River Overlook

IMG_20160315_084515920Cottonwood Campground is designed for a group with six tent pads, a pavilion with two picnic tables, vault toilets, a large BBQ pit, and potable water. There is NO electricity.  A new trail to the river is planned for the winter of 2016-17.  Tent pads are large, and can fit more than one tent.  Reservation is for the entire site.  See reservation info below.

Be sure to bring your own charcoal or firewood.  Collection of firewood is NOT allowed.  Ground/campfires are not allowed; fires are only allowed in the BBQ pit.  As an option, the pit is big enough to fit a hibachi or portable grill inside.

Cottonwood Group Campsite Reservation Info

  • Reservations must be made online at online at San Antonio Parks Reservation System, or  in person at the Ron Darner Headquarters building at: 5800 Old Highway 90 West.  Camping fee is $20 per night for the entire facility (fees may change without notice).
  • Campers MUST contact park staff to arrange access to the campground at (210) 207-5320.  Park staff need AT LEAST one day advance notice to rent the campground (crew must clean, mow and prepare the campsite).
  • Campers must follow all rules posted at the campground.
  • Check-in is at 3 p.m. and check-out is at 1 p.m the next day.
  • Overflow parking is allowed along the campground entrance road.
  • Collection of firewood is NOT allowed; please bring your own firewood.  Ground/campfires are not allowed; fires are only allowed in the BBQ pit and provided stone firepit.

Other Park Information

  • Dogs (on a leash) are allowed.  Voice command will not suffice.  This is a City of San Antonio ordinance.
  • Fishing is allowed in designated areas only (you must must have a license and follow all State laws).
  • This park is also a good place for hiking, biking, running, bird/wildlife watching, canoeing/kayaking (must use the single designated launch/recovery site; this means you must either find a take-out site outside of the park OR paddle back upstream and take-out in the same designated spot they launched from).  For paddling, just know that we have seen very large trees all the way across the water that can block through passage. NO horseback riding, skateboarding, or motorized vehicles (except wheelchairs) allowed on trails. NO Swimming or water contact allowed.
  • Other camping:  The Land Heritage Institute nearby has a campground that allows RV’s and has electricity; they also allow horses.  http://www.landheritageinstitute.org/